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Exposing the FIRST SEPTEMBER 11 - The Chilean Military Coup 1973

Multi-award winning artist, curator and educator Miriam Cabello is foregrounding the first September 11 - The 1973 Chilean Military Coup. Miriam’s visceral art exposes the societal upheaval imposed on the Southern Cone by Economic Superpowers and their willing local agents.

“In 1971, my parents fled the impending doom of Chile’s internationally backed dictatorship. This exhibition is inspired by my family’s rich history, political passions and personal experience.”

In the spirit of the AILASA Conference 2014 Theme: Voicing Dissent, Miriam’s artworks highlight the first and often over looked September 11. A new reality is created in the artworks through the use of the pioneering art technique ©Spectral Kinetic Realism, which combines brush strokes inspired by the Dutch masters and saturated pop art colours to create an impactful stained glass effect.

Verge Gallery will showcase her latest collection of politically charged art works titled: Oppression and Diaspora, the paintings are set in the Baroque landscape of Santiago reflecting the stories of the Chilean political refugees who now call Australia home.

The exhibition allows individuals to delve into the transformation of people when faced with conflict and takes the viewer into a journey through multimodal mediums: video, music, and poetry.  Visitors to the exhibition will be rewarded with an educational art experience, which highlights an exchange of histories and encourages exploration into the shared cultural links encircling those who survived oppression and adversity.

Miriam’s thought provoking exhibition employs artistic expression as voices of resistance, thus inviting the viewer to explore, remember and reflect.

All paintings and images © Miriam Cabello


Exhibition details

Verge Gallery
University of Sydney
Jane Foss Russell Plaza, City Road, Darlington NSW 2008

Sat 28th June - Sat 12th July 2014

Hours: 10am – 5pm weekdays

Phone: (02) 9563 6218


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