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The Rocks Pop-Up Workshops

During The Rocks Push – The Poet & Pugilist Passion internationally acclaimed artist Miriam Cabello will be providing bespoke 1hr Cultural Bites: Happy Art-Hour for full details click here

No painting experience needed. Just bring your creative spirit.

Painting Workshops – Atelier Master School (AMS)

ATELIER: a studio or workshop where an artist works. Taking its name from the French word for "artist's studio," the Atelier Method is a form of private instruction in which an artist, usually a professional painter, works closely with a small number of students to progressively train them. Classes will be conducted at Miriam Cabello’s painting studio.

Two workshops are offered. Students have the choice of attending Oil Painting classes and/or Acrylic Painting classes. This allows students the unique opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge, to paint, explore, interpret, decode and analyse artworks. This specialised and exceptionally structured school is ideal for beginners to committed artists who are ready to take their skill level and understanding to the next stage while developing the insight and understanding needed to continue making contemporary-traditional art relevant in our culture.

Private Mentor Artists classes run from 12.00pm - 3.00pm.
These one-on-one classes are designed to mentor artists wishing to create a specific body of work.

Oil Painting classes
Learn a comprehensive flesh palette derived from the Old Masters. The classes are designed to teach you the Old Master's amazing flesh palette.

Acrylic Painting classesGolden Artist Educators Program
Learn the wonderful effects that can be created with Golden.

  • Explore new ways in colour mixing
  • Increase your knowledge/repertoire of acrylic products and the uses for these products
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the array of acrylic gels and mediums
  • Learn techniques for both traditional and contemporary painters
  • Learn mixed media techniques using new-to-the market products, such as Digital Grounds and OPEN Acrylics


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