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Station VI: Bearing the Cross
Hanging in artist's studio, St Peters.

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Stations – “The Passion”

The work explores the story of Christ’s last days using the contemporary metaphor of a black boxer, raising timely questions about race and ethnicity and encouraging thought about marginalized groups in today’s society.  

Miriam Cabello was an award winner at the Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art and studied the works of the Old Masters in Italy and Spain as well as the Abstract Expressionists in New York. The fruits of that experience are evident in the compelling, robust figures and splatters that inhabit the Stations series. 

Distinguished curator and author Rosemary Crumlin (OAM) stated; "The planned series is quite controversial… she has used the boxer and boxing as allegory and symbol. Her treatment is intelligent, thoughtful and confronting." 

Cabello believes her work elevates those traditionally seen as ‘other’ throughout art history to the centre stage and a position of omnipotence. "Like Caravaggio I am creating a contemporary narrative for the traditional 14 Stations of the Cross…the conventions of iconography are given a fresh vision."


Stations: Awards + Exhibitions (selected)

2012 London Olympics, Run with the Fire, UK.
2010 The Annual International Religious Art and Architecture Design Awards, USA.
2009 American Institute of Architects (AIA), Design & Art Award Winner, USA.
2008 Official WYD08 Youth Festival Exhibitor.
2007 24th Manhattan Arts International, New York
2007 56th Blake Prize for Religious Art. Finalist & selected to tour.

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