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White Rope series.
Hanging in artist's studio, St Peters.

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White Rope

 “Two things that I think are successful in your work are: your knowledge of anatomy, your compositional structure. Particularly in the White Rope Series, I like how you isolated the figure. This has a strong psychological effect. This use of composition goes a long way in making your theme of boxing as metaphor effective...Great works of art are not “about” anything they “are” something.”
Dr. James Romaine (1), Assistant Professor of Art, New York based art historian (Oct 2010)

White Rope as metaphor

  • Echoes of the struggles endured during the White Australia Policy and Civil Rights Movement (USA).
  • Focuses on how rope has been used as a tool of oppression.
  • Harnesses 'white' to highlight metaphysical themes of repression.
  • Draws on the purposeful application of saturated colour to compose portraits of human temperature and emotion.

“My subjects surrender their power to the viewer and invite my luminous, layered strokes to echo their thoughts.”

Cabello’s series of boxers, painted in oils on linen, show luminous torsos woven into a grid of gestural drips. She uses an edited palette of primary colours to engage the viewer and let them step into the subjects’ sanctuary. By painting the colour temperature of her subjects she shares their resolve and journey. It is in this private place where the poignancy of each mans gaze is felt.


(1) Dr. James Romaine, a New York based art historian and co-founder of the New York Centre for Arts and Media Studies (NYCAMS), a program of Bethel University.

White Rope: Awards + Exhibitions (selected)

2011 DUMBO Arts Festival. Brooklyn, NY, USA.
2010 National Art Museum of Sport, Indianapolis, USA. Finalist and selected to exhibit.
2007 24th Manhattan Arts International, New York, USA. Winner: Painting Division.
2005 Fifth Annual International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy
Winner: Painting Division, presented by Christo.

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